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Flowers and art in St Ethelwolds garden

Visitors are usually welcome to look around the garden and relax. There is a blaze of firey colour along the wall at St Ethelwolds.

Looking back at the house, the flowers are a foaming sea of lilac and pink.

Last weekend three artists had a display of pictures in the outhouse. Dougie Simpson, Caroline Ritson and Marion Owen are regular art exhibitors in St Ethelwold’s garden.

Here are a few of Dougie’s pictures of Abingdon, Venice, and Florence.

New Fabulous Flowers Archway

Fabulous Flowers have a new archway into the shop. It incorporates rainbow colours and bows. Very clever.

Meanwhile, the finishing touch has some blue and yellow and Easter lambs.

There are real lambs for anybody walking near Abingdon Lock.

Following my pictures from Albert Park yesterday, Daniel sent a link to an aerial view of the park showing Albert from above, face to face, and all the way down to the ground.

Spring Show 2022

The Abingdon Horticultural Society spring show is this weekend. (Thank you to Janet for letting me know). There was an autumn show in 2021, but this is the first spring show since 2020

The Abingdon Horticultural Society was founded in 1885 and so must be one of Abingdon’s oldest societies. The society was established ‘to promote knowledge of and interest in horticulture in Abingdon and its vicinity, and to encourage cottagers in the cultivation of their gardens.’

One garden we can all take an interest in is that of St Ethelwold’s House, from which I have a picture of the white bluebells,

and another of tulips.

Over the other side of the River Thames, the clumps of daffodils are in flower.

It was a showery day, and a rainbow could be seen from Abingdon Bridge.

Clocks Change on Mothering Sunday

The clocks changed last night and today was Mothering Sunday. That meant at Trinity Church the younger ones helped make posies of flowers and put them in baskets.

They were then given out to mothers after the service. The preacher spoke about flowers and colours and what they represent. People at Trinity have become aware that the colour scheme is the same as the The Flag of Ukraine.

These flowers of wool have been at the war memorial for the last few weeks.