Looking Forward to the Bank Holiday (and Half Term for some)

Bank Holiday
Tomorrow is bank holiday and the sun does feel like it is having some impact on the prevailing cool air. On Bank Holiday Monday there are 4 guided walks to choose from – or leaflets available to follow at your own pace. All Free. Thanks to Marilyn for holding up the advert for me. Walks are organised by Pat Bryden of the Friends of Abingdon, and her helpers.
Bank Holiday
Marilyn, Alice and Mike Badcock were all on the Market Place, with other councillors (like the new Deputy  Mayor Angela Lawrence and Hermann Matheson and Pat Longergan) advertising Fun in The Parks and Music in the Parks. Both events are on June 1st. The first is free. The second is by entry with a wrist band. Over 60% are sold.
Bank Holiday
The Heated Open Air Pool opened for the summer season yesterday at 10am. Warmer weather is needed to cut down the heating bill, and to stop the trees dropping leaves. It was fine for 60 lengths by which times I got out to warm my feet a little.
Bank Holiday
Not quite open yet is the recently refurbished water feature. But it looks amazing.

Please leave a comment if there anything else on during the Bank Holiday (or half term) people might like.

1 thought on “Looking Forward to the Bank Holiday (and Half Term for some)

  1. Cassandra

    I joined one of the free walks – to Radley Lakes. An enjoyable and interesting outing, made even better by the lovely weather and great refreshments at the lakes. Many thanks to all those people who obviously worked so hard to organise this day of activities.


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