Family Carol Service causes road chaos in Abingdon

Carol Service
East St Helen Street was blocked by a Co-op lorry earlier this evening. The driver got out of his cab when he could not drive through the parked cars.

Cars stuck behind the lorry then reversed back up East St Helen Street and some of them drove down West St Helen Street the wrong way.
Carol Service
There was a carol service at St Helen’s Church and all the surrounding roads were chock-a-block with parked cars. Parents had desperately tried to get their children to church on time, and many parked wherever they could.

3 thoughts on “Family Carol Service causes road chaos in Abingdon

  1. Col

    Story from a newspaper, a Nativity play interupted by a PC, who requested drivers to move their cars, (especially those parked half on the pavement). They blocked the road from a GP surgery.

    This seems to be standard practice now, thinking they keep the road clear, don’t think about wheelchairs/prams etc, who then have to go into the road to pass (cannot pass on footpath).

  2. Anon Coward

    I think you mean..

    ‘parents didnt leave enough time to to get their children to church on time, so parked anywhere they liked, and stuff anybody else…’

    They are lucky the co-op driver didnt just ‘nudge’ them out of the way, and even luckier that the emergency services didnt need to attend anyone in that street that they’d so thoughlessly blocked..

  3. Janet

    Not the lorry driver’s fault. People park in the delivery space. Drivers have a target of when they have to deliver goods and many are penalised if they do not make it. Also shop managers waiting for stock would not be too happy if it was not delivered on time. People with cars will park anywhere without regard.


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