Joint Environmental Trust – Not Quite So Joint

Joint Environmental Trust
Good to see the ex Hathaways shop is now in a fit state to become a shop again. Looks like Connells next door is also being refurbished.
Joint Environmental Trust
Grants from the Joint Environmental Trust (JET) can be used towards shop window improvements.

Its seems as if the Joint Environmental Trust is no longer quite so joint. It was set up as a partnership between district and town council – a way to work together to improve the town. Last year it was handed over for the town council to run. This year the leader of the district council said “We’re taking away the blanket grant to Town Council in favour of considering funding for appropriate projects on a case by case basis.

2 thoughts on “Joint Environmental Trust – Not Quite So Joint

  1. Colin

    Are other Partnerships and proposals going the same way?. So the Town Council doesn’t have any input at all?. and all driven by VOWHDC..??

  2. Iain

    Town budget was voted through unchanged last week so the towns £5k will still be available for environmental projects.


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