Mud Trending

There has been talk of mud on twitter this weekend and I became very aware of  mud on the dog walk today …
Muddy as a play puddle
The area that looks like the pigs’ play puddle is the pedestrian route to Tesco from Chaunterell Way.
Muddy as a play puddle
The route was created when Tesco first opened in the early 1980s (corrected from 70s after comment). There is a picture in the library local studies section of a bridge at the Tesco end of the path being lowered into position in 1983. Not only is the path muddy a lot of the year, but the fence is falling down.

12 thoughts on “Mud Trending

  1. alison

    kenny if defo right, opened in 1982 30 years ago. time tesco put some hands in their pockets and give it a refit as well as this path

  2. rudi

    dont think it belongs to tesco – the field next to it is council property. the part further on is tarmacced – i’m guessing they did that bit.
    a couple of years back there was talk of moving the patch across to the other stream that moves parallel – dont know why but it’s not happened.

  3. smith d

    this riverside path has had virtually no maintainance since it was opened.
    it is now in such an awfull state that a new coat of gravel will not be enough. whats needed is a complete rebuild.
    a good project to benefit south Abingdon (on Ock?) residents.
    if this is part of the Ock valley walk, why has it been allowed to get into this state?

  4. rudi

    it’s a dirt track – always has been, that;s what happens to dirt tracks in winter – and come summer it will be dry again.

  5. Me

    Yes Tesco’s was definately opened in the 1980’s – I remember it well. Used to shop at the Co-op before that. Be nice to be able to use the footpath it all year round – such a pretty walk.


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