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Abingdon High Street, from a postcard, dated Oct 9 – 1905. The message says ‘Dear Hilda, I hope you will like this one fore your collection this street is full up with the fair this morning. With much love from Louis.’ It shows Cheapside House above what is now Howden Insurance (corrected).

Abingdon High Street 2024. Can you spot any differences?

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10 thoughts on “Spot the difference

    1. Daniel

      You don’t know this for sure Mary.

      The recent phot could be taken when, say, for example, Thames Water had Start Street closed causing chaos.

      The old photo could be when a sensible traffic policy was in place.

      Reduced road space while increasing traffic volume is a recipe for disaster… I think it’s linked to pavements, personally.

  1. Hester

    Fascinating – it really shows how, little the rooflines have changed, despite all the changed shopfronts and uses. Which was Cheapside House – the only Howdens I know is out by McDonalds?

  2. Terry

    Cheapside house (as seen on the buildings front) No. 9 High St. I believe subsequently became Chivers general store, occupying 7&9 High St. followed by the Co-op? When the Co-op moved to west St. Helens, 7&9, High St. remained empty for a couple of years until Haken & Bell incorporating Listen in Company (music shop) moved there from 17, High St. in 1977, It then sold to Modern Music in 1990 and then became Dawsons Music in 2005 for 2 years. In 2008? A Plan insurance (now Howden Ins.) occupied the ground floor and the upper floors were converted into flats.


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