Spruce Up, Sing Out, Sew & Explore: More Things Happening in Abingdon!

Spruce Dry Cleaning is back in business after a short break. This blog mentioned they were closed for a while. They’re open and ready to clean your clothes again!

Abingdon Passion Play Open Info Night: This Sunday, 7:45pm at Trinity Conduit Centre in Abingdon.

Lots of roles: Singers, backstage crew, stewards, helpers…even actors (they need more!). Help make the play a success! It’s happening June 22nd in the Abbey Gardens.

Sew with One Planet Abingdon! Join their sewing machine class, happening every other Tuesday. No experience is needed; perfect for beginners. Learn all the basics!

The next author event at Abingdon Library features local writer Peter Adamson talking about his book ‘Landmarks in Time – The World of Wittenham Clumps’. Tickets are limited, and early booking advised. Places may be reserved by email to Abingdon.library@oxfordshire.gov.uk or at the library counter. Tickets are £2 and include a welcome drink.

Join Agnostics Anonymous this Tuesday, February 6th, from 6pm to 7:30pm at St. Helen’s Parish Centre.

Local speaker John Barton will be asking the question: “Do you have to believe everything in the Bible to be a Christian?”

This event is open to anyone curious about faith, doubt, and what it means to be Christian.

8 thoughts on “Spruce Up, Sing Out, Sew & Explore: More Things Happening in Abingdon!

  1. ppjs

    I’m glad the dry cleaner is re-opening, The guy at the desk is very helpful and the service is excellent.

    I must remember to wear a serviette at breakfast…

  2. Badger

    As one business re-opens another closes, went to meet with someone at Annie’s at the Boathouse today only to discover that they aren’t there anymore and the place is empty.

  3. Steve 2

    Badger, I’ve just looked at Annie’s website and it says that it will be reopening, under new management, as Abingdon riverside cafe.

  4. Badger

    There’s a note on the door that said as of the 28th they are no longer trading from there. Everything has gone from inside tables, chairs, fridges, etc.
    I’m encouraged that there’s promise of another business there as I enjoyed the location, food and service at Annie’s so much.

  5. Kelly Simpson

    Annies is reopening in a couple of weeks after refurbishment, still run by Alex who’s been running it for a while.


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