Hot day for Shire Horses through Abingdon

A traffic survey is happening in Abingdon town centre with cables attached to boxes across the road. They won’t detect a 2 HP cart that drove through Abingdon from Cardiff to London – part of a charity drive. See

Daniel was in town and made a video showing the horses having a much-needed drink of water on their way to London

They then set off again on what was a hot day.


3 thoughts on “Hot day for Shire Horses through Abingdon

  1. Daniel

    Does anyone know what the traffic survey is for – being done for who, measuring what, to what end?

    I haven’t had any reply from the relevant council on this.

    Also…does anyone know if the chippa, chirpy travellers are still at the leisure centre?

  2. Steve 2

    I don’t know what the survey is about, Daniel, but it’s also being done in Drayton and on the A34 roundabout at Milton.

    1. Daniel

      Yeah…I am noticing it everywhere now…! It is also on the sustrans cycle route towards the lakes, and basically on EVERY route in to town….(or out of town)…


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