Mayor of Ock Street 2022

On the day the Mayor Of Ock Street was elected, the outgoing Mayor, Harry,  gave a lesson about Morris Dancing to some school-age children. He explained that the man beside him was the fool – Roger.

Richard was holding the horns, and Dave played the music.

The lead dancer, Rob, shouted the calls so the other dancers could follow the steps. They then did a dance.

Pam & Alick keep the Coopers Tavern down Coopers Lane. After the dance, Pam and Alick supplied beer from Loose Cannon and a local home brew called Mayor Makers Ale, brewed by Colin for the occasion.

The Morris Dancers then went to the Brewery Tap, where Stuart welcomed Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and announced the result for the 2022 election of the Mayor of Ock Street. Stuart was joined by the two previous Mayors of Abingdon,  Cheryl and Charlie, who helped count the votes.

Richard got 74 votes. Harry got 82 votes. Harry was duly re-elected as Mayor of Ock Street for the coming year.

Harry was chaired by the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers along Ock Street and back again.

(Thank you to Lesley for the pictures, and Colin for the Mayor Makers brew.

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