Virus Neutraliser and Haptic Art at Abingdon Museum

Abingdon Museum cannot easily open the windows to let through fresh air between visitors but what they have is a Virus Neutraliser that also acts as an air conditioner. It sends out ozone after the staff have left. Ozone can neutralise any coronavirus in the air and on surfaces, and the ozone is gone by next day.

We booked a slot in the museum to view the exhibition on Haptic art. A group of textile and mixed media artists have created works inspired by exhibits that can also been found in the museum standing collection.

They include a floor tile from Abingdon Abbey.

To see other works including a bent spoon, Saxon comb, and more, book your slot at

7 thoughts on “Virus Neutraliser and Haptic Art at Abingdon Museum

  1. Jutta Weber

    Does this mean the whole day the aerosols are adding up and only at the end of the day the whole place gets an ozone dose to be safe the next day?
    Trisha Greenhalgh (Oxford Professor of Primary Care Health Science) has been writing about this extensively (
    I am afraid this will not make me go into the museum any time soon. Proper ventilation and purification system needs to be installed and not just in the museum but urgently in schools.

  2. Colin

    There is also the limitation that the building has no ventilation. This means that at night there is no air flow to disperse the ozone around the rooms so they will only achieve a local sanitisation rather than a thorough one of the whole room.

  3. Mick

    The Haptic Virus Neutraliser looks like an exhibit itself! It obviously works as you’ve caught an ozonated bird plunging down on to it. Or maybe it’s been electrocuted by those wires attached to it. It’s amazing Mr. Hancock and his cronies didn’t recommend one for every hospital, school etc. a year ago. They are also good for the environment, as all the ozone that escapes will go to repairing the ozone layer destroyed by CFCs years ago.

  4. Janet

    This reminds me of when an aerosol sprayer malfunctioned in the mens toilet where I worked and sprayed continuously when anyone entered the toilet nearly asphixiating anyone who entered.

    1. Colin

      Yes Janet. Very similar *cough*

      Anyhu, the take home message is that ozone is very reactive and will only be present for a short period and will not disperse around there room. Therefore there is no need to worry about sensationalist tabloid scaremongering stories from the internet etc. The only impact is that this approach is very ineffective.


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