ATOM2021 Abingdon-and-Beyond Science Trail

There was a stall on the Market Place to let us all know that there is a science trail with 24 locations in Abingdon-on-Thames. At each location you can do an activity using a smart phone or tablet.

You can download the app from . It has a map. At each location on the map is a QR code the app can scan and launch one of the virtual activities.

At the Abingdon Millennium Needle, for example, the virtual activity involves watching a video from the Jenner Institute and then answering a couple of questions on Cells and vaccines.

The trail is available from 11th – 13th June 2021. Lots of different organizations have provided the virtual Science lessons, and donated prizes for the best answers.

The hash tag #ATOM2021 is being on social media to share pictures about the Science trail.

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  1. Janet

    Good news. Homebase is moving in to the Fairacres trading estate. Good new for all the do it youselfers.


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