Trinity Church Calendar Entry

My day began with a visit to Trinity Church. I got there early to take some pictures before the Sunday service.

Trinity is both a Methodist and URC (United Reformed) church. The two denominations joined together in a special agreement in Abingdon. The URC want pictures of the outside of member churches for the 2022 calendar and I hope to send in a picture.

This is the most usual view of Trinity. There was not a cloud in the sky today.

The building can become distorted and the steeple and far end lean in towards each other.

I had to lie on the flower bed to get this view with the roses.

Which picture do you like best (1,2,3 or 4). Or can you do better? If so please send your picture to

10 thoughts on “Trinity Church Calendar Entry

  1. PPJS

    What does Rankin think? His current series (BBC 4) is a wonderful explanation of how photography works.

    Thanks to Backstreeter for regular high quality images.

  2. Jim

    No. 4 is very scenic and pretty, but No.1 shows more trees which are (important if we are to meet our COP26 targets so my vote is No.1

  3. Daniel Glover

    I was about to go and get a drone shot, too dull. needs to be a day time when sun higher. Weather gone now, see what weekend brings.
    will try and get them something for calendar.

    For the photo with nothing but church and no shadows. photo 4. nice


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