Old Abbey House – new planning application

Jeremy let me know about the new planning application for Old Abbey House, detailing how the hotel will look. It can be viewed at https://data.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/java/support/Main.jsp?MODULE=ApplicationDetails&REF=P21/V1498/FUL#exactline

From the look of the plans, the existing building will be divided into 25 double bedrooms, a reception, laundry room, and staff room.

There will also be a new extension to serve as a free-standing coffee shop / café on the grassed area at the front of the site.

There will be 14 car parking places and spaces for 14 bikes.

12 thoughts on “Old Abbey House – new planning application

  1. Janet

    It will replace the Upper Reaches. I do not know why the Upper Reaches ceased trading as it was an excellent venue for weddings etc. Has there been any developments as to what the Upper Reaches is going to be?

  2. Steve Newman

    Can this company also take over the open air swimming pool as it looks like they would make a better job of it than the council / Better

  3. Michael Harrison

    Hitherto Abbey Close has enjoyed relatively good air quality and a general absence of noise. It has been quiet and pleasant road enjoyed by many walking to Waitrose and the other way to the park. But no longer. Cars and supply vans will come and go all day and flats and house which look out towards Abbey Close will be invaded by bad air. What a great shame that councillors have allowed this to happen.

  4. Jenwila

    Michael Harrison – get a grip! The town is ok it’s knees, anything is a blessing to add some more commercialism into the town. You’d be winging if it was flats …. Move on!

  5. Jim

    I don’t think that there will be many delivery vans visiting this “hotel” as although it does have lots of bedrooms, it does not appear to have a restaurant or kitchen or lounge or bar or indeed any type of communal area – true it does have a stand-alone cafe/coffee shop but even this does not seem to have a kitchen or separate cooking facilities – so perhaps it is a “bed but no breakfast” establishment.


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