2nd Lockdown Oddities and End of Transition

2nd Lockdown
The busy Abbey play area can be seen beyond this backwater. One of the last things to reopen after the first lockdown were the play parks. This time round the play parks have been kept open and at weekends look busy.

Before reaching the play area I saw a man litter picking. He is a key worker and does many hours litter picking as well as his work. He now counts the face masks he picks up. Last week he counted about 400.

A friend reported going to visit B&M on the Fairacres trading estate yesterday but then decided not to join the large queue. B&M have done very well during both lockdowns as they sell both essentials and non essentials.
2nd Lockdown
Businesses have received letters telling them to prepare for the change to trading and employment rules as a result of the end of the one year transition period.

9 thoughts on “2nd Lockdown Oddities and End of Transition

  1. PPJS

    You may be right, but in today’s headline and main article The Times calls it “lockdown” and for many people it effectively is. Let’s hope that the various vaccines being developed pass the required clinical trials and that they will be available to the poorest countries in the world as well as to the richest.

  2. Dino Marks

    It really is very selfish of people to discard their masks in such a way. 400 in a week in a small section of Abingdon. Times that by the same area in populated areas of the Uk, times by the same all over the world. This will be a staggering amount of waste. I don’t know how biodegradable they are but I assume if they are designed to provide infection protection (even in a small percentage) then they do not degrade very quickly.

    The worst of it is, many are still wearing the masks incorrectly. If you leave your nose hanging over the top, you may as well not bother at all. I just feel like banging my head against the wall.

    Cretins everywhere!

    1. Chris John

      People know how to wear a mask properly they just don’t want to. I refused to go up to a check out because the person was not wearing a mask over her nose. Her excuse was her glasses kept steaming up. My response was perhaps she shouldn’t be dealing with members of the public in that case. In the end after my refusal to let her serve me she pulled it up. Unfortunately many just seem to allow people to get away with it.

  3. Chris S

    Learnt following an eye appointment at the JR: a length of micropore tape ( or decorators masking tape) applied over the top edge of the mask, over the bridge of the nose and across each top side, completely does away with steamed up glasses. Just enough stickiness to stay in position but does not bring skin and hair with it when removed

  4. Julian

    You can buy small metal self adhesive strips that go onto the top of your masks to prevent glasses steaming up. Get them online from a well known distributer, 500 for about £11.

  5. PPJS

    Chris S – what a great idea, and how great that you shared it. Many thanks – when I can find my glasses I’ll start hunting for the masking tape 😉

  6. examiner99

    I’ve been mask picking around Northcourt for a couple of months now. I cannot understand how people can just discard something which is essentially a biohazard on the ground like they do. I feel resentful that i’ve become a crazy old lady with a litterpicker but it is quite funny to see people crossing the road to avoid me!


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