Tree Planting at Boxhill recreation ground

Tree Planting
Twenty trees have been planted along one side of Boxhill recreation ground. These more than make up for the half dozen trees that were cut down a couple of weeks ago.
Tree Planting
The other end of the recreation ground has some more established woodland alongside the banks of the River Stert.

3 thoughts on “Tree Planting at Boxhill recreation ground

  1. Hester

    I have held off on commenting because i assumed someone else would..This project was done jointly between Abingdon Carbon Cutters and the Town Council – a big group of ACC volunteers helped ATC staff with the planting. What a great example of the community and the council working together. ACC – supported by neighbours from the area – have now raised the funds to buy a big supply of spring bulbs and wildflower seeds which they will plant soon to make our park look lovely next year.
    Well done all.


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