Abingdon Farmers’ Market – with risk assessments

Farmers Market
There was the Abingdon Farmers’ Market this Friday (20th November), and there were about a dozen stalls.
Farmers Market
I see their Covid-19 risk assessment included:
* All traders wore face-masks
* Food and drink could only be taken away
* No samples of produce
* A one-way system
* No groups larger than 6
Farmers Market
My blog risk assessment includes not taking any close up photographs to avoid getting in the way, and taking just a few pictures while walking once round the outside.

2 thoughts on “Abingdon Farmers’ Market – with risk assessments

  1. Colin Bartlett

    I managed to visit it after mid-day. Working remotely at home, I had jobs to do in the morning. With the rain as well, was planning on walking, but drove and parked (2 hours free).

    I arrived 12:30. all wrapped up hat/raincoat/ masked up. On the bakery store met someone I know from All Saints Church, Is that you under there Colin?… Purchased bread and Quiche. Some single packs of meats and slices of dry cure bacon….That is what I like about the market, they do cater for us ‘singletons’ not having to purchase multi packs 4 or more of everything. .Took one of their flyers. No limit on orders for Christmas. single packs if you want .. A few were packing up….to go. So got some home made cakes before I left… Hard Times indeed.


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