Wootton Road tree cutting and archaeological surveys

Wootton Road Tree Cutting and Archaeology
A couple of weeks ago there was a report on this blog about some contractors opening up access to the new development of 200 dwellings alongside the Wootton Road. Their orange digger can be seen in the background of this picture. In the foreground, in the Circus Field, a yellow digger is making ditches – probably for archaeology reports.
Wootton Road Tree Cutting and Archaeology
Meanwhile a lot of the trees, that have been a feature of the Wootton Road entrance into Abingdon, are being cut down.
Wootton Road Tree Cutting and ArchaeologyLooking at the access design plans (https://data.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/java/support/Main.jsp?MODULE=ApplicationDetails&REF=P20/V2254/DIS#exactline) it can be seen that about half the trees were planned to be removed.

The existing entrance to the field has already been built up and will be used until a new entrance is built at the place where most of the trees have been removed.

21 thoughts on “Wootton Road tree cutting and archaeological surveys

  1. Hester

    Does anyone know why they are digging in the circus field – I thought the planning application for there had been withdrawn?

  2. Daniel

    I remember reading once, maybe it was here, or in the meeedya…but I recall there (then at least?) being an issue about the environment, or something…?

    Anyway, if that whole climate and environmental thing was anything to go by I’d imagine those diggers are laying the pipework for all the ground source heat pumps? Or cabling for all the rooftop solar panels to connect to the grid? That, or the grey water collection systems…

  3. Chris S

    Many years ago I went to the developer’s meeting for the planned estate on the circus field. I remarked that we lived further from the A34 than these houses would be and we still found the road noise pretty intolerable at times. I asked what kind of noise abatement measures would be installed in the houses as they are so close to the road. I was told not to worry; the houses nearest to the road would all be social housing !

    1. Daniel

      @Chris S; did the social housing use recycled plastics in their damp proof courses and membranes? Was the insulation to be made from a recycled material too? What was the detail of their carbon offsetting?

  4. Julian

    I see from a post on Abingdon Fb, that the developers have put in a request that they don’t have to fulfil infrastructure planning conditions before the houses are sold but can wait until 30 are sold now! Why do our councils roll over on these developers riding roughshod over planning conditions everytime! When is someone in the planning dept. going to grow a pair!
    It should be written into contracts that if there are any planning conditions, these MUST be fulfilled BEFORE a single brick is laid! That way we might actually get a developer who complies!

  5. Chris S

    At some point were there not plans to have the proposed Oxford to Cambridge super-highway come close to Abingdon somewhere in that area ?

    I was reading yesterday that the issue of the numerous accidents on the A34 ( and A420) had been raised in Parliament leading to hopes that it might be improved somehow. That would be made more difficult by a new housing estate so close to the road itself surely ?

  6. PPJS

    An application from the developers does not have to be allowed. The planning authority must be encouraged to say No.

    It seems extraordinary to me that the roads infrastructure is kept separate from the housing application. I understand that the developer cannot be expected to solve the A34/A420 problem; but allowing more houses without reference to the infrastructure is, in my opinion, irresponsible – almost reckless.

    1. Iain

      Root cause – roads managed by OCC and Highways England, housing managed by VoWHDC.

      Yet another reason we should be eliminating/merging one of the tiers of local government

  7. Daniel

    Irresponsibility and recklessness are not adequate reasons to not make a profit.

    We should stop referring to this (or them) as “Developers” or it as “Development” (Cambridge dictionary definition = the process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more advanced).

    This is not building houses for the betterment of society, or the environment, for some greater good. That would be “Development”.

    This is building some houses to make as much profit as possible within the confines of the law and the rules. Stretching those confines to maximise profit is all that matters.

    To prove me wrong…is the Fairacres Phase 2 development got a solar paneled roof? And grey water utilisation? Where have they planted trees to carbon off-set the concrete usage?

  8. David Surman

    Regarding the developers request to vary the conditions,I think that there is a link to the planning application on the FB site..if not should be possible to find it on the Vale Planning Appication Site. People need to make their objections known on that as it is the only thing that will be taken into consideration (not FB or anything else) if they want to stop the council “rolling over”.

  9. Jim

    In reply to Julian, Daniel and others – this planning application was considered by the Town Council’s Planning Committee (who only have the ability to approval or object but not REFUSE) last night (Monday) and it decided to OBJECT most strongly to the District Council, who make the decision, on the grounds that the condition was part of the original planning permission and the required & necessary road improvements have not (yet) been made.

  10. Daniel

    That is good to know Jim, thank you.

    Was there any feedback, do you know regarding any (or lack of any) solar panels, ground source heating, grey water utilities, carbon off-setting? Either now or at the original planning stage?

  11. Julian

    Thank you Jim, but why aren’t these conditions stipulated that they must be completed before any work starts, or with severe penalty penalty clauses built into contracts for any breach of them? I always thought a contract was a legally binding document, but it seems not so where Councils are involved?

  12. Hester

    That is just the point Julian: a condition was applied to the original approval, saying that the highway works had to be completed before the first house was occupied. The developer has now applied for that to be changed to ‘prior to occupation of the 30th dwelling’.
    The Dstrict Council has not yet made a deccision: the Town Council and the Civic Society have both objected and others can do likewise up to 9 December. Go to the Planning page on the Vale website and put in ref P20/V2777/FUL


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