Ditch and Giant Lego

Ditch and Giant Lego
M reports that a deep ditch and bank have appeared at the gap in the tree line just west of Chanterelle Way play area, blocking access to the field path to Mill Road.

He says it does not look like utility works as it does not connect with anything. People are still getting through but it is very slippery in the wet conditions.
Ditch and Giant Lego
Also giant Lego bricks have appeared along Mill Road blocking vehicle access into the fields.

I would add that there was an unauthorised encampment in September on the field next to Mill Road. It could be that the land owners are trying to stop further encampments. The land owners, and local people, may well know better.

5 thoughts on “Ditch and Giant Lego

  1. anmalea

    Yes, the blocks and the ditch were installed to prevent further traveller camps being set up there. Not by the land owner, which is the Vale of White Horse District Council, as these fields have been let by the Council on a long lease. It was the lessee’s agent that arranged for this work as they are now responsible for all land management of the fields affected.

  2. Michael

    Anmalea, do you know if they are going to restore pedestrian access across the ditch? It is ridiculous that we can’t now walk across the fields to Mill Road. The only way now is the path on the other side of the river via the dragon’s teeth.

    1. rudi

      there is no public right of way in the field.
      you might like walking there but there’s no right of way and no duty on the owners to provide a way in.
      that part was always fenced off until persons unknown decided to pull them down.

  3. anmalea

    I would be surprised if this was done as it is not part of any right of way. Walkers wanting to avoid this ditch should be able to use the farm vehicle exits further up Mill Lane (about 200m past the Mill?) or the one with the Lego blocks nearer the start of Mill Lane. I’m not going to tackle that ditch either!


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