Rain, sunshine, and intermittent showers

Bright Sun
This Sunday morning started off wet and windy.
Bright Sun
Then the sun came through. Lots of people were enjoying the sunshine, seen here as a dazzling white from Margaret Brown Gardens
Bright Sun
and blue sky and water looking back from Wilsham Road.
Bright Sun
There was a notice on a capsized boat that said the owner was aware. They did not need telling again. So not everybody was enjoying today.
Bright Sun
A line of pigeons on the Wilsham Road railings came down as a flock. They kept jostling and trying to find the best position. Some flew off again in search of something better.

Later on, the sky clouded over, and there were intermittent showers.

2 thoughts on “Rain, sunshine, and intermittent showers

    1. Lydon45

      Shame about the boat however ,there are a handful of unlicensed and run down boats along the Thames, there’s been a sunken boat near the almshouses that has just laid there for more than a year looking sad. Maybe the council should start getting there act together and the lock keeper/or Environment agency should be reporting the abandoned boats .


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