Local Excellence Market on the Market Place – Covid-19 restrictions are increased

New and Repaired Bike Racks
There was a Local Excellence Market on the Market Place in Abingdon today. Waterfahl were busking in the sun.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
The Market had a lot of stalls, and people were looking around, many with face coverings.

A lot of new rules have been introduced this week as the transmission rate of Coronavirus rises.  Since June there has been an easing of the COVID-19 restrictions and this week saw them being tightened up again as we head into autumn.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
Anybody going into Pablos Lounge will have to wear a mask from door to table, and try to order from the table using a phone app, and check in with test and trace.

Shop staff and serving staff are now all wearing face coverings – not just customers.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
A NHS COVID-19 app has been released and you can now scan a QR code when going into The Narrows, and many other places, as a record for test and trace.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
In pubs there is now only table service with groups of only up to six allowed. Pubs all close at 10 pm.

As schools returned, two classes at John Mason were sent home because of a confirmed case of Covid-19 in their bubble. (A bubble is usually one or two classes or however the school organise bubbles. Pupils do not mix inside school outside their bubble.)

Going back to school has seen the normal autumn coughs and sneezes and they are having a much bigger effect on attendance this year. Students are taking time off to get tested or wait for a family member to be tested. (My understanding is that new coughs, high temperatures, loss of smell and taste are possible symptoms of Covid-19. Sneezes and runny noses are not – yet.)

Yesterday, there were some people on the Market Place in Abingdon asking people to sign a petition against any new lockdown.

7 thoughts on “Local Excellence Market on the Market Place – Covid-19 restrictions are increased

  1. Daniel

    As ever a great account of day to day Abingdon recorded for posterity (as long as the internet stays up, at least).

    Why would there be a petition/movent against a lockdown? I don’t understand?

  2. Iain

    There’s was a load of them protesting in London yesterday- something to do with Corbyn’s nutty brother I think.

    Does anyone know what is behind the continuous engine revving noise we have had all day today? Is there some sort of car rally?

  3. Annabel Gaskell

    I would download the app, but it doesn’t work on my phone which is 3 yrs old but working perfectly fine for me otherwise. They need to do a patch for phones which work on older operating systems.


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