New and Replacement Bike Racks

New and Repaired Bike Racks
Over the last couple of months new cycle racks have been put in Abingdon town centre. One set are at one end of Broad Street by the new flower containers
New and Repaired Bike Racks
The other matching set is opposite the Black Swan beneath the Great Western Railway train times.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
The bike racks on High Street were also recently replaced . These used to be the most well used bike racks in Abingdon but cyclists have not got back to using them again yet.

The previous racks were all ploughed down by a vehicle.

3 thoughts on “New and Replacement Bike Racks

  1. Tim

    I’m very glad to see the return of the racks in High Street, but it took too long for them to be replaced. The new racks are also a welcome addition. What’s needed now is prompt removal of bikes that are obviously abandoned. It’s done in other towns and all railway stations all over the country, there’s no reason why a valuable rescource should be squandered this way.


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