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Abingdon Healthfest 2021

Dave Butterworth, and colleagues from Healthy Abingdon, organised the Abingdon Healthfest on Abingdon Market Place. There were thirteen stalls with different community groups. The event was sponsored by Penlon, the Abingdon company that makes lots of important equipment for the health sector.

One of Abingdon’s Guild of Town Criers was there to announce the events. He also did a cry from on top of the County Hall roof.

The Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, Cllr Cheryl Briggs, spoke to a lot of the stalls.

A fire engine from the Abingdon Fire Station was on display. The fire service were promoting Bikeability (cycle training).

Last weekend I showed Mr. Busby and his Beekeeping business. This week he was there on the Abingdon Free Wheelers cycle stand. They have a calendar of weekly rides for all abilities.

Abingdon Athletics Club has coaching sessions on track and road running. Look at Abingdon Athletic Club to find out more.

Dementia Friendly Abingdon aim to make the town more supportive of people affected by dementia, and their carers.

Other groups included:
* Active Communities
* Abingdon Parkrun
* Community Dental Service
* Leisure / Tennis Centre
* Shed Oxford
* Talking Space Plus were giving out stress balls. If a stress ball is not enough, they also have videos and material to help and can arrange free talking therapies.

Local Excellence Market on the Market Place – Covid-19 restrictions are increased

New and Repaired Bike Racks
There was a Local Excellence Market on the Market Place in Abingdon today. Waterfahl were busking in the sun.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
The Market had a lot of stalls, and people were looking around, many with face coverings.

A lot of new rules have been introduced this week as the transmission rate of Coronavirus rises.  Since June there has been an easing of the COVID-19 restrictions and this week saw them being tightened up again as we head into autumn.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
Anybody going into Pablos Lounge will have to wear a mask from door to table, and try to order from the table using a phone app, and check in with test and trace.

Shop staff and serving staff are now all wearing face coverings – not just customers.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
A NHS COVID-19 app has been released and you can now scan a QR code when going into The Narrows, and many other places, as a record for test and trace.
New and Repaired Bike Racks
In pubs there is now only table service with groups of only up to six allowed. Pubs all close at 10 pm.

As schools returned, two classes at John Mason were sent home because of a confirmed case of Covid-19 in their bubble. (A bubble is usually one or two classes or however the school organise bubbles. Pupils do not mix inside school outside their bubble.)

Going back to school has seen the normal autumn coughs and sneezes and they are having a much bigger effect on attendance this year. Students are taking time off to get tested or wait for a family member to be tested. (My understanding is that new coughs, high temperatures, loss of smell and taste are possible symptoms of Covid-19. Sneezes and runny noses are not – yet.)

Yesterday, there were some people on the Market Place in Abingdon asking people to sign a petition against any new lockdown.

Outdoor Pools in Oxfordshire stay closed in 2020

Open Air Pool Staying Closed
The outdoor pool in Abingdon has stayed closed this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has shortened the outdoor season and only the indoor pool in Abingdon has reopened now that leisure centres have been allowed to reopen.
adjoining alley
I met Paul Gustafson in town today and he said that other places have managed to open their outdoor pools. Why not Oxfordshire?

The Abingdon outdoor pool is on the banks of the River Thames and Paul said the river is not a safe or clean place to swim. He said that people are using the river in ignorance, and putting their health at risk. Weil’s disease, spread by rat urine in the water, can destroy a person’s health. Boats are finding it difficult to reach places to empty their toilets properly this year, and more human effluent can be seen in the River.

Face Coverings required in shops from today

Face Covering
New Government rules requiring customers to wear face coverings in shops came into effect today – 24th July. Mostly Books, and some other shops had reminders in their windows. The webpage has the full details.

From about 30% of people wearing face coverings in shops yesterday in Abingdon it looked like everybody had one today, and many people were not taking them off between shops, or were leaving them dangling round their necks.
Face Covering
If you cough (or breath out) and have Covid-19 and are asymptomatic, the face covering protects others.

The covering should also provide some protection from Coronavirus in the air, but anybody wearing it round their neck can contaminate the inside of the covering.