12 thoughts on “The Burger will have to wait

  1. hester

    So, families are stir-crazy after lockdown, what better way to spend the afternoon than cooped up in the car, queuing for burgers. How long would that queue have taken? Hour and a half minimum I would have thought. I do hope it was worth it for them!
    Mind you, lots of people would also think I am mad for yearning for a proper visit to a Garden centre – each to their own!

  2. moan again

    they should print the car registration number on the wrapper /bags so the rubbish chuckers can be traced

  3. Nikki

    I went Friday just before 12 mid-day and was in, ordered, collected and out within 15 minutes! And I ate mine at home so rubbish tipping from my car! That does annoy me! Not hard to take rubbish home with you!

  4. Su

    There are a number of on-line petitions trying to get major
    fast food retailers to print car registrations on take-away packaging. Seems a good idea.

  5. Burbank

    I think for some people it just a taste of “normality”, although waiting for an hour in a drive thru queue is hardly normal.

    As with Costa re-opening saw an increase in discarded coffee cups, it is a shame some of the customers find it so hard to keep hold of their rubbish until they find a bin.

  6. Houdini

    Obviously some people haven’t had a decent meal in 3 months ???? So now we know why the toilet paper hoarding – saving it up, as Lord knows it’ll be needed after 3 month Mackie D’s deprivation ????????????


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