Hottest Ever Local Excellence Market

I missed the Local Excellence Market ten days ago. Thankyou to Abingdon-on-Thames Chamber of Commerce for this report and look ahead …
Local Excellence Market
We had 33 stalls for what was probably the hottest excellence market we’ve ever had. We were joined by a number of regular traders, as well as some new faces. Due to the heat our regular chocolatier and candle maker didn’t join us, but we welcomed Heidi Parker who designs and makes lampshades to order and is based in Abingdon.
Local Excellence Market
Hunnybunnys were here with their buggy wraps, ready for winter.
Local Excellence Market
The Hampshire Gluten Free company were back with a wide range of Gluten Free Products.
Local Excellence Market
Local artist Christine, who is one of our longest standing traders was one of many trying to stay cool throughout the day!

Next is our summer craft market on 27th July, all organised by the Abingdon on Thames Chamber of Commerce.

We are also looking for local bands, groups, singers, or performers of any kind to join us on stage and / or in the Christmas Extravaganza Parade. Anyone interested can get in touch by emailing

6 thoughts on “Hottest Ever Local Excellence Market

  1. mona gain

    Can Abingdon Chamber of Commerce please explain why they are not affiliated to Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce nor The British Chamber of Commerce

  2. mona gain

    the fact that they read this and have not commented ,mmm,
    and what great things do they do for abingdon businesses

  3. Kelly Simpson

    I would guess that joining those organisations costs money. That is money that would be better off spent on the town. And what great things would those organisations do for Abingdon businesses?


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