New Retirement apartments at two blocks high

New Retirement apartments
Planning permission was finally granted and construction is now underway on the one and two bedroom retirement apartments across the road from the fire station and Mayott House in Ock Street, Abingdon. They are also close to Carswell School. The building will be called Albert Lodge as Albert Park is not far away.
New Retirement apartments
Currently they are two blocks high. I will return in a few weeks time and see how that has changed.

6 thoughts on “New Retirement apartments at two blocks high

  1. Janet

    People in the surrounding area are worried about the parking for these flats. They think that it is not enough and people will be parking their cars in the surrounding streets which are conjested now.

  2. ppjs

    I agree, Janet. There ought to be one on-site parking space for each apartment, and wide enough for the less mobile to get in and out of their cars without having to do a limbo. Over above, there ought to be access for ambulances

    If those provision are not in the planning permission, then a serious miscalculation has been made. I wait to be surprised…

  3. ppjs

    The residents may not themselves have a car, but friends and family will be visiting – as may social services carers and taxi drivers taking people to Tesco’s or the railway station.

    This is not to challenge Iain’s comment, but to question currently planning requirements. I remember these questions being asked in the Town Planning Department and the Architecture School at Oxford Poly (as it then was) forty years ago.

  4. Chris John

    Ah the great retirement apartment rip of continues in Abingdon. Anyone that buys one of these needs to read the small print very carefully

  5. Hester

    I agree that some providers do rip off their residents, but not all. In the days when families were able to look after their own elderly relatives this sort of provision was not needed, but those days are gone and, speaking from experience I know that a retirement home can provide much-valued independence and companionship for the residents and re-assurance for families who may not be able to provide the support they feel they should.
    As for parking, some of us expressed the same concern when Fleur-de-lis was built on the Wootton Road, but I haven’t heard whether those concerns were well-founded.


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