The fourth Abingdon Food and Drink Festival

Abingdon Food and Drink Festival
The fourth Abingdon food festival on Saturday the 24th June was the biggest yet. The first two took place at the Miele Experience Centre, and the second two at Rye Farm Meadow, beside Abingdon Bridge
Abingdon Food and Drink Festival
The event is organised by the Rotary Club of Abingdon Vesper. There was a small entrance fee of £3, and programs and raffle tickets also went towards helping raising funds towards their local and international projects – described at their stall and on their web site. Rotary members volunteer their time and skills towards the Rotary motto “Service Above Self”.  In their big tent cookery demonstrations were going on throughout the day.
Abingdon Food and Drink Festival
There were 60 or 70 exhibitors with food and drink on offer, quite a few of them local including from Abingdon: Ask, Dream Doors, Loose Cannon, Majliss, White Horse Leisure, and Wildwood Kitchen. There were lots of free samples to be tried before purchasing on many stalls, but Wildwood were giving away a selection of salads.
Abingdon Food and Drink Festival
At the centre of the festival was an area with picnic tables where a number of groups played music.
Abingdon Food and Drink Festival
There were also a number of good causes with stalls including the Oxford Food Bank – pictured above. They collect fresh food from wholesalers and supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away and deliver it to around 80 charities, including the Abingdon Food Bank, supplementing the tins and dry food they store at Christchurch on the Northcourt Road.

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  1. Birdy's Mum

    What a great day! Fab stalls and a lovely atmosphere. A really welcome to the calendar of events in Abingdon.


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