Dick Barnes receives his British Empire Medal

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Dick Barnes
Retired Abingdon churchman and scientist Dick Barnes, 96, received his British Empire Medal (awarded in HM The Queen’s New Year Honours) from the Vice-Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, John Harwood today (26th June 2017). High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Jane Cranston, complete in ostrich feathers, read the citation, “for services to the community in Abingdon”.
Dick Barnes
Dick Barnes is pictured with his British Empire Medal, with his wife Doreen (right) and daughter Ros Mennie.

Dick has served the church in Abingdon for more than 60 years, including 16 years as churchwarden. He led Morning Prayer at St Nic’s every Friday for 15 years. He was active in the Abingdon Archaeological and Historical Society, and was Secretary of the Friends of Abingdon. In 2008 Dick received the Berkshire Local History Association’s Judith Hunter prize for his extensive research into the long gone Fitzharris Manor.

Dick launched the village newspaper “Drayton Chronicle” in 1972, and more recently he was a member of the research team who produced the interpretative posterboards now on view at strategic sites around the town.

Equally worthy of recognition would have been Dick’s work on early pioneering computers, including the world’s oldest computer still in regular use. In 2012 he attended the launch at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park of the refurbished “Witch”, now billed as the world’s oldest working computer. He is the only one still alive of the three scientists who built it.

Dick’s wife Doreen deserves honours in her own right for her years of work for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

5 thoughts on “Dick Barnes receives his British Empire Medal

  1. Hester

    Dick also served a long period as Secretary of the Friends of Abingdon, compiling records of their work since 1944 in conserving Abingdon’s heritage buildings. He wrote it all up for posterity in a booklet “The History of the Friends of Abingdon” which is an excellent reference resource and still attracts interest today.
    Congratulations to him and Doreen.

  2. John

    Doreen has also been honoured. She received a Life Service Award from the Citizens Advice Bureau in 2005. A remarkable family.

  3. Old Ghost

    I was going to say we need more people like this lovely couple – but if we all tried to be just a bit more like them the world would be a better place. As Steve says, what a role model!


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