Reconsultation – A415 Marcham Road and Ock Street Pelican Crossings

On March 27th The Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Transport heard representations on proposed changes to the pedestrian lights on Marcham Road and Ock Street. These changes are a prerequisite for building the 159 houses in a field off the Drayton Road, and will be funded by the developer. On that occasion 11 people spoke against the plans and the cabinet member rejected the proposal.
Following a legal challenge on the grounds that the County Council did not make clear the reason for rejection, the scheme is going back for reconsultation. On the initial occasion the Town Council objected on grounds of “increased congestion and delay, safety, and reduced air quality
The plans have not changed. Correspondence from the first consultation will be included in the second, but people can write again. Email:Christian.mauz at no later than 26th September. A decision will be made on October 9th. The writing on brown is the location of the existing lights, and the red zig-zags are the proposed lights.

8 thoughts on “Reconsultation – A415 Marcham Road and Ock Street Pelican Crossings

  1. James

    Nice to see the developers throwing money at a legal challenge rather than simply accepting the views of the town. No doubt they will attempt to intimidate and bully until a decision goes there way. Let us hope some backbone is shown.

  2. Trevor

    The consequences of moving the crossing away from the safest path will rest on those making that decision .
    Everyone living south of the ock understands that the only way to reduce the traffic on the Drayton road is a full diamond interchange at lodge hill or better still a second river crossing. My objections have already gone in.

  3. daniel

    I fear Trevor…it is exactly because there is no comeback or accountability, that these decisions will swing in the developers favour – eventually. Sadly.

  4. Neil Fawcett

    Thanks for publicising this.

    The actual reason the proposal was rejected last time was on grounds of safety, so further submissions from local residents on that point can only help.

    I am checking whether or not anything can be done to stop the work that has already started on site but my guess is that the owners of a field have the right to do some things to their land without planning permission.

  5. BykerRode

    The word from Councillor Alice is that they are completing an archaeological dig that was one of the conditions of the previous application !

  6. Claire Cox

    I am objecting to these plans AGAIN but I am feeling somewhat deflated as it seems as so often is the case that money speaks louder than the people who actually have to live with the decisions made by others!

  7. Cathy Parker

    Let’s hope the completion of the archaeological dig finds something important. I was amazed that the discovery of a stone age farm was not considered important enough to put a stop to the development.


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