Changes at the Leisure Centre

Changes at the Leisure Centre
Work has begun turning an area of grass into more car park space for the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre. This will give space for an additional 99 cars, making 343 spaces in total.
Changes at the Leisure Centre
Management of the Leisure Centres for the Vale, and South Oxfordshire, including the Open Air Pool, will all move to GLL from September 1st.

The outdoor pool will close for the season on Sunday 31st August. Schools are back next week.

8 thoughts on “Changes at the Leisure Centre

  1. Daniel

    Whilst more parking spaces is all well and good…what this doesn’t address is the fact that the leisure centre (swimming specifically) is over subscribed, over crowded, over priced, and frankly needs more space. Being put on a waiting list in order to take my kids in the little pool – sorry, I mean half of the remaining little pool, to have my name called out on a distorted, impossible to understand tannoy, so that I can then get a useless bracelet that isn’t water proof to designate that I am now allowed to make use of the over crowded little pool for a while…. A few years ago perhaps this leisure centre was ‘good’. Now, at best, it is mediocre. And with all the extra housing that Abingdon is due to get shortly….it is now inadequate ( or soon will be).

    But yes…well done on securing a few more parking spaces.

  2. Julian Annells

    On the subject of leisure centres, does anyone know exactly WHY Tilsley Park was GIVEN to Abngdon School, and what measures have been put in place to make sure that it iremains always open to the public, and not “fully booked to the “boys” today, I’m afraid”. Also have any covenants been put in place to ensure that it won’t be sold off for housing land, being that it’s a forgone conclusion that its going to be surrounded by 610 new homes? Knowing our towns track record of “Giving away” the assets that belong to us, no doubt there will be nothing in writing and when we lose it everyone will blame everyone else!

  3. Steve

    Its easy to moan. What have you done about it? Have you made a complaint? Have you written to the new owners Better ( Why not go at a less busy time

  4. Chris IV

    I have to agree that parking is a minor point in the list of things that are wrong with the centre at the moment.

    Have commented a few times to centre staff about the state of some of the equipment in the gym. Had to complain the other week as the free weights area in the gym was packed (and quite frankly dangerous as a result) while the majority of cardio machines sat empty as they quite often are. I go at various times throughout the week and this is a pretty standard situation.

    The training staff to their credit are excellent and agree its a problem. The chap I spoke to told me that the only time all cardio machines are in use is early January. Even the peak of Saturday AM you’ll see a number of recumbent bikes and steppers sitting dormant while people are trying to find an inch of mat space to do some free weights, crunches, stretches etc. If they just got rid of a few bikes and expanded the mat areas it would make a world of different. Four or five are normally out of order anyway. (they could also use a proper squat rack and a few more Olympic bars but that would be more specific to my needs 🙂 )

    My membership is up in a few weeks and I’m considering moving to Results which, although smaller, appears to be laid out in a more sensible arrangement so everyone can do what they want. The one thing that might keep me at the leisure centre is the access to the pool however, Daniel is right about the issues he raises (although Saturday after 2pm seems fairly quiet in the kids pool FYI). The opening times and parking at Results to also give me pause.

    Hopefully Better will look to reorganise some of the layout inside to make it more practical. Just will find it hard to sign up for other full year while I wait to see if things get better (no pun intended).

  5. Redstone

    This is good news for the Leisure Centre and excellent news for local residents. As a regular user of the facilities and a local resident myself, I will be pleased to, hopefully, see the end of the local roads being gridlocked with parked cars whenever a larger event is hosted at the centre. The leisure centre is a brilliant resource for the town and I feel we are lucky to have it in the town. It has undoubtedly suffered with a lack of maintenance recently but things are looking up now that GLL are on the horizon. Hope the prices are not hiked by the new owners!!

  6. Chris IV

    Have had a quick twitter conversation with Better regarding their prices. Must noticeable statement from the two tweets was “Current customers will continue to pay the same membership prices”.

    Full pricing information available from Monday apparently.

  7. Rachel

    Mmm that area where they are going to put a load of concrete or tarmac gets pretty boggy in the winter. Creating this carp parking area is either going to make people’s feet wet or push more water to the skate park area neither of which seem very smart moves.

  8. Mark

    Whilst car parking is needed as it does get overcrowded throughout the day and night, as Rachel states, this area is basically a flood plain. During winter months this is not only boggy but completely flooded which means this water will have to go ‘somewhere’……….


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