Rosie’s Fun Day

On the Market Pace in Abingdon throughout today there was a fun day to raise funds to get Rosie, a local girl, a disability bicycle.

It was a big event that took up all of the Market Place, and it was well attended. Those taking part included:
Rosies Fun Day
A frog man riding a bicycle for sponsorship.
Rosies Fun Day
Peppa the Pig.
Rosies Fun Day
A bubble man
Rosies Fun Day
Abingdon School of Dance
Rosies Fun Day
There were even some horses giving lots of rides, and stalls with games and people with buckets collecting money.
Rosies Fun Day
A lot of the time it was lovely and sunny, which was good after the thunder and lightening and heavy rain we had yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Rosie’s Fun Day

  1. Hester

    Great to see that the weather stayed fine for this and hope you raised lots of money. It is lovely to see the Community using the Market Place – a good reminder that it is there for all of us.

    There are a couple more similar events in July (see for details). – and of course we have already had the cycling festival.

    If anyone else wants to enquire about organising an event there, contact the Town Council. If you need gazebos etc there is help with these too – details of all of this on the same website.

  2. Colin and Sarah

    Spent a lovely time there, our Phab Club had raised some money, which our Vice Chair gave them in the morning. (Janet and Ken Chapman).

    Weather was really kind for a change.

  3. Colin A.S.R. Galloway

    You need to read before you send as even me, who is dysexia can spot errors such as Pace which should read Place and Horses should be Ponies. C.A.S.R. Galloway

  4. Julian Annells

    A bit pedantic C.A.S.R. Galloway? He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones and all that? If you had read what you had sent first then you would have realised that you had missed out an L and replaced a C with an A in dyslexic?
    Backstreeter , on the whole does a brilliant job for Abingdon, and i’m sure can be forgiven the odd error?
    We all make mistakes, as the Dalek said, climbing off of the dustbin!

  5. Becky

    !t was a truly amazing day, the support form local businesses and individuals was outstanding ! we raised £2,534 for Rosie which was beyond our expectations, enough for her special Tomcat bicycle and intensive physio treatment,


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