Come and Sing Messiah

Come and Sing Messiah
Yesterday, at St Helen’s Church, there was a fund raising event for the Abingdon Passion Play production in 2016.
Come and Sing Messiah
Singers were asked to take part in Handel’s Messiah, the first and great English oratorio. In the morning they had vocal warm-up, workshops and rehearsals led by the musical director Ian Miles.

In the afternoon rehearsal they were joined by Soloists and orchestra, and then there was an evening performance. The audience was not as large as such a performance merited. Lynn tweeted me “Messiah incredible where were the towns folk?

7 thoughts on “Come and Sing Messiah

  1. Angela

    I was really sorry to have missed this, its such an uplifting work to sing. I hope all those that did participate found it so, and that it went well.

  2. Angela

    Where were the townspeople?
    Sadly there were a lot of conflicting events yesterday. CAB Friends had to cancel their fund-raising concert with the Town band, -planned for yesterdray because ticket sales were so poor, a contrast to our joint concert last year which was extremely well attended.
    Perhaps there needs to be a town public events diary so that anyone planning an event can see if there is something similar conflicting on any given day.
    Chioce is good, obviously, but too much ends up with a lot of preperation work going to waste.

  3. hester

    Angela – there IS a public events diary – at It has been running in its current format for around a year now – previously there was the Town Council diary and a volunteer-run “Whats On” diary.

    Posting an event there can get it picked up and advertised more widely including in the twice-yearly “Whats On” leaflet and on various twitter and blog feeds. We are also starting to use a screen in the Community Shop window to advertise events – people wanting to use that should send a jpg of their poster to

    But I agree with you that events organisers would do well to check what else is on before confirming dates (for example I have just seen an advert for a big concert in St Helens church on the same night as Music in the park!) .

  4. Keith

    I didn’t see the publicity for this, I would have thought it would have been popular, but I didn’t pick up any chatter about it.

  5. Mike

    I thought of coming but the poster didn’t mention the afternoon rehearsal and I was reluctant to sing it ‘cold’. An unfortunate omission.


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