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Ladybirds Wake Up on a Sunny Day

Ladybirds Waking on a Sunny Day
Near St Helen’s Church a group of Ladybirds were looking for food on a Comfrey Plant.
Ladybirds Waking on a Sunny Day
They had woken up from their group hibernation.
Ladybirds Waking on a Sunny Day
Forsythia was in flower nearby.
Ladybirds Waking on a Sunny Day
Walking along the Ock Valley Walk there were many blossoms and tiny leaves.
Ladybirds Waking on a Sunny Day
Celandine flowers grew up among the young nettles and ivy.

Abingdon 100 years ago – March 1920

Saturday 06 March 1920
Abingdon 100 years ago
The Cattle Market was re-opened on Monday for fat stock only, under the Restriction Order for Foot and Mouth, and the supply was twelve beasts and 45 sheep, which were allocated to the town.

The Rev. Charles Deal, for over 10 years Minister of the Baptist Chapel, Ock Street, Abingdon, who has resigned, and is taking up work near London, preached his farewell sermon to a large congregation on Sunday evening last.

The coal shortage was referred to at the Abingdon Council meeting last week. It appeared that the amount of coal allocated the town was about 1,800 tons short of the maximum, and it was stated that last Thursday there was scarcely any coal for sale in the town.

From the proceeds of a recent concert given in the Corn Exchange by the Abingdon Choral Society, £6 has been given to the Cottage Hospital, and £5 to the local Sanatorium Comforts Fund.

At the County Bench on Monday, Mrs A. Hedderley, of Wootton Farm. Abingdon, was fined 5s for allowing two bulls to stray on the highway.

Saturday 13 March 1920

Abingdon 100 years ago
Plans for the Abingdon War Memorial have been exhibited in the Roysse Room during the past and present weeks for inspection by the townspeople, who are asked to write their opinions on slips provided. There are three designs —one by Mr J. G. T. West, architect, of Abingdon, appointed by the Council, which is estimated to cost £500 ; one Mr C O. Wright, art master of Roysse School, Abingdon, estimated to coat £1,850 ; and the other by Mrs Councillor E. Reynolds, a probable cost of £300.

ln the Saturday League matches the Abingdon Town Club beat Steventon by 14 goals to nil.

The Arts League Service gave a capital entertainment in the Abingdon Corn Exchange, on Wednesday evening last week. The audience although not a large one, highly appreciated a refined, artistic and pleasant evening

The annual boat race between the past and present, scholars of Abingdon Roysse School came off in the Culham Reach on Wednesday, and resulted in the Old Boys being defeated by two lengths.

The Abingdon Pierrot Troupe ‘The Cheerios’, gave a capital entertainment in the Corn Exchange, on Thursday evening in last week, in aid of the local Cottage Hospital. There was crowded house and the performers received enthusiastic reception.

Saturday 20 March 1920

Abingdon 100 years ago

A sale of work was held in the Abingdon Wesleyan Schoolroom Thursday in last week, to clear off a debt of about £80 on the Circuit Fund. The receipts came to over £100. The Mayor presided at the opening ceremony, which was performed by Mrs H. T. Clarke, of Waste Court, Abingdon.

At the Abingdon Post Office last week a roll of honour tablet was unveiled and dedicated, bearing the names of employees who served in the war, and four who lost their lives. The tablet is of carved oak, and was unveiled by the Mayor and dedicated by the Vicar. The frame is of ornamental carving, surmounted with the Abingdon Borough Arms in green and gold. The tablet is placed in the public department ol the Post Office.

At the Borough Police Court Tuesday, Mrs Clara Vretch, proprietress of the Queen’s Hotel, Market Place, Abingdon, was fined 7s 6d for allowing her dog to be in the street unmuzzled.

Saturday 27 March 1920
Abingdon 100 years ago
The Abingdon Ivy ” Lodge of Oddfellows’ balance sheet for the previous year just published show a total amount of funds in the adult branch of £4,505, there being an increase of £183 during the year. In the juvenile section the total fund is £249, the increase for last year being £14.

 The Abingdon Cottage Hospital have arranged for another annual house to house collection in Abingdon and the neighbouring villages by a committee of ladies

In aid of the National Life Boat Institution an Oxford undergraduate party gave a theatrical entertainment on Wednesday evening in last week, to a large and appreciative audience at the Abingdon Corn Exchange.

At the Abingdon Rural District Council meeting at the Guildhall, Abingdon, on Monday last ,Mr H. Weaving presiding, the Surveyor’s estimate for road repairs during the ensuing year amounting to £9,605 9s was passed

William M. Grundy, headmaster, Roysse School, Abingdon, was fined 7s 6d under the Dog Muzzling Order (to prevent Rabies)

On Wednesday, Harry Dixey, an old Abingdon man of 72 years was charged with absconding from the Abingdon Workhouse, on March 15th from which date he had been wandering about, and was arrested in Wootton road. Defendant was before the Court a month ago on a similar charge and cautioned. The Bench now committed him to seven days with such hard labour as the defendant was certified able to perform.

Thankyou for the extracts to the Faringdon Advertiser and Vale of the White Horse Gazette on the British Newspaper Archive. Picture of cattle weighing machine and Oddfellow lunch from Oxford Journal Illustrated. The notice of the War Memorial and animal circus came from the North Berks Herald.

Lone Festival Stall

ATOM Festival of Science and Technology Cancelled
Volunteers manned an ATOM Science and Technology Festival stall on the Market Place for people who had not heard by other means that the festival was cancelled. Most people had heard and were very sympathetic to the volunteers who had worked so hard to organise the event.

One of the helpers from Abingdon School told me that he had given a presentation just last week on the need for good hygiene for disease prevention. Normally this talk would be directed at disease in less developed countries but this week the message was of far more local relevance.

There is a lot of Science related to the virus and its spread that is of interest. For example: The science of soap – here’s how it kills the coronavirus. And here is a Youtube Video to explain the mathematics of how a virus spreads ….

ATOM Festival of Science and Technology Cancelled

ATOM Festival of Science and Technology Cancelled
In response to the unfolding situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Atom Festival Committee were increasingly concerned about the risks of going ahead with many of the ATOM Festival Programme events. After careful and considered discussions with organisers, volunteers and key partners, and in light of the ongoing uncertainty of the coronavirus situation, they have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the remainder of the ATOM Festival Programme for 2020.

Some events may be postponed to a later date, and some of the school events will be proceeding. But the key message is that:

1. All public events taking place as part of ATOM 2020 have been cancelled.

2. The organising committee felt a clear and unambiguous decision to cancel was the right thing to do for the safety and wellbeing of the large number of people who make ATOM happen. At least one speaker has been directly affected by coronavirus, and some organisations have withdrawn (sometimes because they are on the front line of the public health emergency).

3. Scientific advice states that the UK has now entered the ‘delay’ phase of what is now a global pandemic, and that means the committee had a responsibility to show leadership in slowing the spread where events are not essential.

You can read the full text of the statement made by the ATOM organising committee here: