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Experience Cinema at the Unicorn in Abingdon

Experience Cinema
The chance to experience cinema at the Unicorn is about to happen – ‘a modern cinema in a medieval setting’. The cinema at the Unicorn opens on Friday 29th December 2017. The program and website to buy tickets is at The project was delayed a little because of the need to sort out distribution rights for films at the new venue.
Experience Cinema
The installation of the equipment took place before Christmas, and a short film was shown successfully. There will be a full run through of a feature length film to trustees of the Friends of Abingdon to check all is working before the first full day on Friday.

Happy Christmas from Kingfisher Canoe Club

This is from Dave
Happy Christmas
We haven’t got a site any more or a riverside store but we are not dead yet. Far from it!!! Kingfisher Canoe Club managed to get 33 boats and equipment to the river to maintain the tradition of the Christmas Mince Pie Paddle All ages circuit through the lock. They met up with Richard and the team at the lock and then went round by Swift Ditch.
Happy Christmas
We are still hoping for good news from the VWHDC (Vale of White Horse District Council). There could be no better Christmas present, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and so the campaign continues.

Thanks to all who supported us by signing the petition (some 1200+ to date). Happy Christmas to all and thanks to all who have and continue to support us.

Advent Day 23 – Eve of Christmas Eve

Eve of Christingle and Torchlight Service
At St Helen’s Church a team of people helped to make the Christingles for the Christmas Eve service at 4:30 pm.
Eve of Christingle and Torchlight Service
At Trinity we had a rehearsal for the Torchlight Service, also at 4:30pm on Christmas Eve. This year an apprentice astronomer spots a new star in the sky that the older astronomers (wise men) cannot explain. It leads to a stable in Bethlehem and some unexpected happenings.

There are lots of church services over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here is a list of most of the Abingdon Churches …
Abbey Baptist Church – Checker Walk
Abingon Baptist Church – Ock Street
Abingdon Community Church – Thameside School
Abingdon Vineyard Church – Preston Road Community Centre
All Saints Church – Appleford Drive
Christ Church – Northcourt Road
Christ Church – Long Furlong School
Our Lady and St Edmund – Radley Road
Peachcroft Christian Centre – Peachcroft Road
Pearly Gates Church – Fitzharrys School
Society of Friends / Quakers – Audlett Drive
St Helen’s Parish Church – West St Helens Street
St Michael and All Angels – Park Road
St Nicolas Church – Market Place
Salvation Army – West St Helen Street
The Redeemed Christian Church of God – Stratton Way
Trinity Church – Conduit Road