Experience Cinema at the Unicorn in Abingdon

Experience Cinema
The chance to experience cinema at the Unicorn is about to happen – ‘a modern cinema in a medieval setting’. The cinema at the Unicorn opens on Friday 29th December 2017. The program and website to buy tickets is at theunicorn.ac The project was delayed a little because of the need to sort out distribution rights for films at the new venue.
Experience Cinema
The installation of the equipment took place before Christmas, and a short film was shown successfully. There will be a full run through of a feature length film to trustees of the Friends of Abingdon to check all is working before the first full day on Friday.

5 thoughts on “Experience Cinema at the Unicorn in Abingdon

  1. newcomer

    Wishing you the best of fortune. However, the key to success will be the choice of films and their recency. Given that, two films aimed at younger ‘punters’ seem good picks during the school holidays.

  2. Steve E

    Congratulations to the Cinema operator and Friends of Abingdon for making this happen. At last we have some vision who people who are acting in the best interest of Abingdon. We are a large town which needs more town centre entertainment. I hope those on the town council are paying attention.

    I’ll be talking to my wife and we will be booking up tomorrow. I’ll be urging my friends to do the same,

    Good luck with this endeavour.

    many thanks

  3. Steve

    I went to watch Paddington with my wife and son and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The film was good, but the setting was great and the atmosphere was really nice too. It can be a little chilly, so there were blankets handed out, which was a really nice touch. I’ll definitely be going back

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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