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Plans underway to demolish Mayott House

Music Festival
There are plans underway to demolish Mayott House, the care home next to the fire station, and erect 42 (affordable) flats for frailer older people together with a communal lounge area and courtyard.
Music Festival
Currently Mayott House looks like an ordinary Abingdon terrace without any doors. The planning application says “the existing building is now outmoded and not suitable for use or conversion. As a result the home is being closed and most residents have already been found new accommodation”

The new design is three storeys high but the third storey has dormer windows in the roof – not wanting to be overbearing.

There was a public consultation a few months back about the plans. The main concern by neighbours was the disruption caused during construction. Lets hope this will provide a place where elderly people can live as independently and cheaply as possible and that it does not need knocking down in another 40 years. The plans will be decided upon in the next few weeks by the district council.

Abingdon Youth Music Festival on the hottest day of the year so far

Following Yeah Baby last Saturday, there was another great free concert on the Market Place this Saturday
Music Festival
In 2012 the Abingdon-on-Thames Youth Music Festival took place in a downpour. This year the performers of the Vale Youth Music Centre Orchestra had glorious sunshine.
Music Festival
One annual event that is not happening this year is Abingdon’s Got Talent. It is having a short rest. Pam Ayers who won last year can keep the crown for a year or two more. She would have enjoyed this young folk group.
Music Festival
Last of the groups pictured are the Larkmead Jazz Band. Helen Ecclestone, seen here on the Baritone Saxiphone, works at Larkmead and leads lots of groups there including the lunchtime Jazz band. She also runs the Abingdon Music Centre and conducted the Abingdon Community Orchestra seen a few days ago on the blog.

The performances continued for three hours in the hot sun and were greatly appreciated by the audience.

Sharp increase in Abingdon Bike Thefts

Bike Thefts
The June report by the town centre Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) says “Over the last month we have once again seen a sharp increase in the report of bicycle thefts within the town. The neighbourhood team have been working on identifying possible suspects through CCTV …

So be careful. Their advice is “Ensure you have locked your bicycle securely to an immovable object using a good quality lock, your bicycle should be locked even if only leaving it for a matter of moments.

Planning Appeal Decision on 159 homes in a South Abingdon Field

Planning Appeal Decision
The planning appeal by the developers was considered at the end of May and now a decision has been made. Quoting the planning inspectorate website

The outcome was Allowed.

The planning inspector thinks there is a real need for more housing in Abingdon.

But he says no development should happen until there is a guarantee that the traffic mitigation measures are to be put in place – that is the additional crossing of Ock Street to the east of Drayton Road, to “avoid severe transport effects that would otherwise arise from the development.”