Plans underway to demolish Mayott House

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There are plans underway to demolish Mayott House, the care home next to the fire station, and erect 42 (affordable) flats for frailer older people together with a communal lounge area and courtyard.
Music Festival
Currently Mayott House looks like an ordinary Abingdon terrace without any doors. The planning application says “the existing building is now outmoded and not suitable for use or conversion. As a result the home is being closed and most residents have already been found new accommodation”

The new design is three storeys high but the third storey has dormer windows in the roof – not wanting to be overbearing.

There was a public consultation a few months back about the plans. The main concern by neighbours was the disruption caused during construction. Lets hope this will provide a place where elderly people can live as independently and cheaply as possible and that it does not need knocking down in another 40 years. The plans will be decided upon in the next few weeks by the district council.

5 thoughts on “Plans underway to demolish Mayott House

  1. Theoxonian

    I feel sorry for some of the residents who had to leave their home here at Mayotte House, as it can be confusing and upsetting for some, and even detrimental to their health. I’ve met the residents, and hope they’re happy in their new homes.

    I hope the new building with the dormer windows in the roof won’t prevent the new residents being able to look out, and also hope it’s not another ‘bug ugly’ building like the flats at the bottom of Ock St further along.

  2. rudi

    if you think those ock street flats are ugly you should have seen them before they stuck the current façade on them.

  3. Neil Fawcett

    Theoxonian is quite right to point out that moving residents out of a home like Mayott’s House can be traumatic.

    On this occasion there was a very good plan in place to resettle the residents with a lot of support and the feedback from residents and their families has been positive.

    The new design fits in with the general plan across the county to provide more accommodation that fits current need.


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