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Tesco Express 2

Tesco extra
Recently a Tesco Express opened in what was the Fitzharris Arms – very close to an existing convenience store called The One Stop.
Tesco Extra
The Ox pub is going the same way – taking on the Tesco colours – and right next door to another convenience store called Best One.

Outline of the Abbey Church

At 14:30 on Sunday 31 July there is a guided tour of Abingdon’s Mediaeval Abbey by the Friends of Abingdon. To book a place email: or phone 01235 521873. It will include a walk round various grounds and buildings including the outline of the Abbey Church …
Tour of Abbey
… charted using underground scanning techniques by the Lost Abbey Project.

Tour of Abbey
Today there were a group of people learning Nordic walking round the outline.

And there was me, with my more erratic walking, filming the outline of the Abbey Church, and the Abbey Gateway…

Over Heritage Weekend there will be the launch of the Lost Abbey information trail. More of that soon.