The Spelling looks perfect to me

Lonbart Street
Advance warning signs have appeared round the town centre over the last 24 hours. The top of East St. Helen Street will be CLOSED for two weeks in the middle of August.
Lonbart Street
The spelling looks perfect to me –¬†apart from the spelling of Lombard Street.

6 thoughts on “The Spelling looks perfect to me

  1. Dillon Johnson

    hello i live on oxford road road abingdon i just wanted you to please highlight the fact that tesco has started work at the ox pub my local it was a nice one too. tesco workers with tesco safety vests on were seen putting up boards around the pub and a digger digging the front.

  2. Adam

    St is the contraction of Saint. St. (with the full point) is an abbreviation of Street. So surely it should read: “East St Helen St. will be CLOSED” (etc.). Or maybe the sign maker was paid by the letter!

  3. newcomer

    ‘St.’ is the acceptable abbreviation for ‘Saint’, or ‘Street’ according to the OED:

    but what do they know of the English language?

    Of more interest, ‘lombard’ seems to have some connection with those employed in banking, money-changing and pawnbroking.

    I’d be interested to know something of this from one of the local historians, especially as the St. name might have somthing to do with its proximity to both the old Market Place and Square, where much cash, word-is-my-bond business must have been done in earlier days.

  4. Pete

    The Lombard name pre-dates by a very long way its modern money men association (as I remember the 1980’s joke was that a Lombard was a man with “lots of money but a real …” ahem…. anyway. Lombard as a Latin derivation simply means “long-bearded” but the name here could also come from the Italian Lombardy region. There was also a 12th century Catholic theologian Peter Lombard so possible abbey associations ?


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