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ABCD Four Lions

ABCD Film Society
Thankyou to Mike Bloom for this ‘exciting snap‘ of committee members Noeleen Farrell & Martin Johnson preparing to introduce the first film in the 2010/2011 ABCD Film Society program … The film was Four Lions …
ABCD Film Society
‘Four Lions is a darkly comic tale of a group of inept Jihadi suicide bombers … with the potential to cause shock, incongruity, belly laughs, … and offence.’

For full information about the other 20+ films in the ABCD program go to .

Old Gaol … monthly update … with pictures of two holes …

Old Gaol Sept 2010
Nothing new to say about the Old Gaol in this monthly blog update, but there are pictures of two holes. The first part of the Old Gaol development will involve building some of the superstructure for the underground carpark.
Old Gaol Sept 2010
What probably interests people more than underground carparks, are the planned public facilities. I don’t know how up to date the Cranbourne Homes website is, but interestingly it does say…

“Coming Soon: Old Gaol, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

New Homes, Restaurants, Shops and Community Facilities Centered around the Conversion of the Historical Old Gaol, Associated Buildings and Twickenham House on the Banks of the River Thames in Abingdon On Thames. First Phase Expected Release Autumn 2011.”

I thought they had given up the idea of shops and restaurants and planned just restaurants, but that was before Ask came to town, so maybe shops are back in the plan.

Jean Jones

Trinity Church was full today for the funeral of Jean Jones. There were family and friends – including many dignitaries.

Jean had joined Trinity in 1949 and there were a lot of folk from Trinity there too – where she had been an elder for many years. A church elder is there to help and encourage others – something for which she had a great gift.
John and Jean Jones
She is pictured above with her husband, John Jones, in 1967 when he was Mayor of Abingdon. He was one of Abingdon’s greats. He went on to lead the Vale of the White Horse District Council and became a freeman of the town. He was also a folk hero in our twin town Lucca – which he had entered as an allied soldier at the end of the war. His Italian involved adding a few Os and A’s to the end of English words, but beside him on visits was Jean the linguist – always a great support.