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Old Gaol – June Progress

Old Gaol From Museum Roof
The pitched roofs, so typical of Abingdon’s past, are soon to be joined by the flat  roofs of the new flats planned for the Old Gaol development.
Old Gaol From GoogleMaps
Those buildings added in the 1970s, shown here on this Google Maps Image, are gone, and the ground has been cleared.
Old Gaol From Air
The Old Gaol now stands like a castle in a large sandpit.

I would guess that the developers are hoping there are no significant finds, and the Abingdon Archaelogical and Historical Society would  hope for the opposite.

Chaplaincy – 1 year on

Unit 5 - Abbey Shopping Centre
Unit 5 in the Abbey Shopping Centre has been given over to Community Groups thanks to Scottish Widows and Heather from the Abingdon Partnership.
Abingdon Town Centre Chaplaincy
First group in there this week is the Abingdon Town Centre Chaplaincy. The chaplaincy was launched a year ago to the day . They aim to be a listening ear and friend to town centre businesses and maybe even to disappointed football fans.  We are out, completely outplayed by Germany.  I have known worse football days, but not that many.

The chaplaincy will be in the shop between 11.30am and 1.30pm until Saturday.

Good Light on East St Helen Street

John Auger Art
While ‘Abingdons Got talent’ was on, I went up on the museum roof to try to get some photos. None of them turned out that well, when I put them on the computer, but I did meet up with an interesting artist, on the museum roof, sketching East St Helen Street.

He said the light was good.
John Auger Art
Here is one he did back in May of shadows stretching across East St Helen Street. He said the light had been good then too. There is more of his art on

Margaret Brown’s Folly

Trolley Art
Thanks to Tata (The Abingdon Trolley Artist)  for sending me this picture

The Trolleys were previously seen in the River Thames just beneath Margaret Brown Garden, in Abingdon. One  ‘was falling to bits‘. The other ‘was still in good nick’ and ‘an easy push‘.

The new installation at the Tesco Carpark in Abingdon is “Margaret Brown’s Folly.”