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Old Gaol – June Progress

Old Gaol From Museum Roof
The pitched roofs, so typical of Abingdon’s past, are soon to be joined by the flat  roofs of the new flats planned for the Old Gaol development.
Old Gaol From GoogleMaps
Those buildings added in the 1970s, shown here on this Google Maps Image, are gone, and the ground has been cleared.
Old Gaol From Air
The Old Gaol now stands like a castle in a large sandpit.

I would guess that the developers are hoping there are no significant finds, and the Abingdon Archaelogical and Historical Society would  hope for the opposite.

Old Gaol – May Progress

Old Gaol minus Out House
Demolition work continues on the Old Gaol – clearing all the out houses and bringing the building back to its core.
View to County Hall
New views appear as walls and buildings are cleared away. This view is from Nag’s Head Island to the County Hall. The view will be hidden again when new residential buildings are put in place of the old.
Old Gaol
The view to the Old Gaol from the river is also being cleared of some vegetation.
Old Gaol Model
Eventually it will look something like the architectural model.