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Harris & Blackwood

Guradsman marching past poster with Vote Dr Even Harris
Dr Evan Harris is the current MP here, and for some of Oxford. But boundaries have changed and things could change at the upcoming election where there areĀ 6 candidates. (I hope to report back how they all do after the Thursday 7.30 hustings at the Guildhall.)
Large Nicola Blackwood poster at the Conservative Club
The main challenger is the Conservative Candidate Nicola Blackwood, seen here on a very large poster outside the Conservative Club in Ock Street.

This election is interesting because things are difficult to predict. Normally the big newspapers pick a candidate, and back them until they win. They like the ding dong of a two party system. It is uncomplicated. They can play one against the other, then the other against the one.

However after the first televised debate where three leaders met, the third man came through as the winner, andĀ those newspapers tried but failed to put him down.

Sign for Nicola Blackwood hanging adrift
Those newspapers and the conservatives now warn of of a hung parliament to try to get people back on side.