12th Logistics Homecoming Parade

Medal Day
Barriers are stacked on the Market Place.
Medal Day
Notices have been put up warning people not to leave cars or bikes in town. Road closures will be in operation. The streets in the town centre have been gone over a couple of times, and will be gone over once more, in the early hours, with a street cleaner.
Medal Day
The Parade will leave the Fire Station in Ock Street at 09:35 and arrive on the Market Place by 09:45. HRH the Princess Royal will arrive at 10:00 when the ceremonies will take place, following which the 12 LSR will parade though the Town, with the Princess taking the salute.

13 thoughts on “12th Logistics Homecoming Parade

  1. balders

    Great post, I understand the extra security now…I did not realise that an HRH would be in attendance. I cant be there in the morning, but, I know Abingdon will acknowledge the support that the homecoming team have given to our country.

  2. Spike

    All servicemen and women have been ordered to restrict the wearing of uniform away from their place of duty. We should be doing the exact opposite as this is only giving into this terrorist threat.

  3. Spike S

    desirable shop window, perhaps, but only effective if they are allowed to carry deadly force and to use it in those public spaces. Not quite the response our esteemed leaders are taking. Until the Police request Military assistance, the job of enforcement and clear demonstration of political will is theirs.
    Otherwise, it’s back to the IRA days for lone individuals: “Look, here I am – an unarmed target.”
    I’m proud of my uniform and am sure that Abingdon will welcome the 12 Log parade in customary style.

  4. Col

    Wearing of uniform, wasn’t that reversed yesterday spike?.

    MOD opposed the ‘hiding’ of uniforms, should be worn with pride….

  5. suzieh

    Good to see the Parade was well supported by the good people of Abingdon, there was a very large crowd and a big media huddle all carrying cameras. Well done to all the lads and lasses who got their medals today- good to have you all home.

  6. Neil Fawcett

    What a fantastic event. Our town at it’s best.

    I had the privilege of meeting Princess Anne and she was very friendly and chatting about her previous visit to the town (in 2006?).

    The church service was also very well attended and very moving.

  7. C Sellars

    Could not be there to witness my son’s medal parade but thankyou to Abington for supporting our heros


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