New School Science Centre

New Science Centre
A week or so ago Colin and Jenny Wiggins were here for a visit. They emigrated to the US in 1959 to further their scientific careers, and now live on Long Island, near New York. (Colin sometimes sends interesting old pictures of Abingdon and leaves an occasional comment on the blog.)
New Science Centre
Jenny is pictured in the current edition of the Abingdon News where there is a feature on the Early History of Science at Abingdon School. Both Colin and Jenny studied science at Abingdon School (Jenny was at St Helen and St Katherine and used the facilities at S Level). Both went on to become President of the Oxford University Scientific Society.
New Science Centre
Abingdon School have planning permission for a new Science Centre with 21 labs and other facilities. Currently Science subjects are very popular at the school, and they need more space.

The new centre will be paid for out of reserves, a loan, and the generosity of Old Abingdonians, and other sponsors. The new facility will not only benefit teaching of science but will free up space elsewhere for teaching other subjects.

(Last 2 pictures borrowed from Abingdon School website.)

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