An Abingdon wind farm

A couple of years ago I went to talk to the Abingdon artisan who recyles all sorts of cast offs to make windmills. It gives him and passers-by at Withington Court great pleasure.
This evening it was good to see as many windmills as ever.
Here is a short video to show how wind can be harnessed for fun.

(Often at the start of the month I join with bloggers worldwide to do something on a joint theme which is for May 1st creative artisans.)

12 thoughts on “An Abingdon wind farm

  1. Julie

    I felt a whistle of wind around my kidneys just playing the video. I must say, that those mills were sure turning around fast. They must have little generators. Such a colourful back yard to have. More power to the gentleman.

    Thjank you so much for your contribution to our theme. I am only part-way through but feel certain your contribution will be unique.

  2. Mike

    No Julie, Sandie doesn’t use generators. He gets ball bearings from old fans and other rotating devices. He uses thin and light but flexible plastic from e.g. rubbish bins. His garden is like a wind-tunnel when it’s blowy and the windmills don’t need much wind to set them off! I live just down the road from him and pass his house all the time. It’s lovely to see them all going round.

    Sandie would love to receive any old plastic that people may have. He’s about halfway down Withington Court on the left by the little bridge. You can’t miss him! He’s often in his little workshop by the house when it’s fine and enjoys a chat.

    Sue, he doesn’t sell them as a matter of course or make them for sale, but I happen to know he has let one or two go if you’re really keen.


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