The Horror above Level 7

A climb up to the top of the Charter Multi-Storey Car-Park by the side stairs this evening. If you do watch the video and are of a nervous disposition you might want to stop at Level 7.

3 thoughts on “The Horror above Level 7

  1. Piers Fallowcherry


    Even though I knew that it was jjust a walk up some manky stairs in town – and that the horror would most likely be a couple of Tesco trolleys plus graffiti – the tension building as you climbed, the sound of your steps echoing, had me watching a zero budget debut from a talented director.

    As Hitchcock observed (paraphrasing): “Climbing the stairs when the audience knows that there is terror at the top is suspense”. He actually talked about them being aware that the bomb under the table was set to go off at 1pm and there was a clock on the wall …


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