Dairy Barns to Christ Church

Dairy Barns to Christ Church
Back in the 1950s a group of Christians wanted to create a church in the expanding housing developments of North Abingdon. They took over a dilapidated tithe barn in Northcourt, that had been part of a dairy, and restored it sympathetically for use as a church building. It is now the building for a growing church – Christ Church in Northcourt.

People from Christ Church in Northcourt then went on to set up a second church in Long Furlong, a little further north, where Abingdon housing had expanded in the 1980s.
Dairy Barns to Christ Church
In the last couple of years Christ Church has taken over the remainder of the dairy barns and this year are restoring the largest barn for use as a coffee shop and community space.

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  1. John S

    Thanks Alastair! One small correction: the dairy yard and barns were purchased about 10 years ago, although the renovation work only started earlier this year. Completion expected around Christmas. Openening hopefully in Spring 2013
    John S


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