Open Air Pool 2011 Season Begins Here …

Open Air Pool Open
The Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool opened at 10 am this morning.
Open Air Pool Open
For this first bank holiday weekend it will be free to all. After that it will be free to under 16s (applications before admission). Young adults will be £3.60 and OAPs £2.30. Season Tickets are also available.
Open Air Pool Open
After a swim there is a chance to have a hot drink and snack from the pool kiosk. Pictured are Heather Brown from Choose Abingdon, and Elizabeth Edgecombe of Friends of the Pool. Both have been promoting the pool.

Time Table…

Term time opening:
Casual swim 10am-3.45pm
Inflatable play 4pm-5pm
Casual swim 5.15pm-6pm

Holiday programme opening:
Casual swim 10am-12.45pm
Inflatable play 1pm-2pm
Casual swim 2.15pm-6pm

The pool will be open until Sunday 4 September 2011. For further information please see or contact 01235 530678.

6 thoughts on “Open Air Pool 2011 Season Begins Here …

  1. Heather Brown

    I know I look at bit bedraggled but I wasn’t cold at all – just hungry because I had done more exercise than I have done in a long time and I hadn’t had any breakfast! I am definitely converted to outdoor swimming – what a great facility and what a great asset for the town.
    (Ate a whole quiche at Added Ingredients afterwards and felt a lot better!)

  2. millihelen

    We would all love to see the photos Heather!
    And well done all for going outdoor swimming on such a chilly day

  3. the color climax corporation

    used to go there as a kid – it was always freeeeeeezing regardless of the heatwave we may have been going through.
    still, once your limbs had lost all sense of feeling it wasn’t so bad.

  4. Backstreeter

    Sorry about that Heather. Thought you looked good netherless. Thanks to our Herald camera man. After he had done his shots for the Herald he took one with my camera of the three of us in the water. Third person is James. He is the person I remember most for petitioning councillors 6 years ago when it was threatened with closures.

  5. Tim

    I remember back in the day climbing over the roof of the changing rooms when it was closed and going for swim in the early hours of the morning. Usually after Sticky carpets kicked out. On a Friday night/Saturday morning in the height of summer there used to be loads of people down there!!! Well, until the police turned up and kicked us all out. Oh happy days!!!!


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