Good News for Caldecott: New Multi-Use Games Area & Community Newsletter

The new Multi-use games Area at Caldecott Recreation Ground (in South Abingdon) is nearly finished! The access mats and heavy machines have gone.

Most of the construction looks complete, including the base, tarmac, fences, and basketball nets. Line painting needs to be done.

This project by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council will be a great space for basketball, netball, football, skating, and probably much more

This follows the installation of outdoor gym equipment in July 2022, adding to the recreation ground’s amenities.

Things are looking up for Caldecott. Volunteers are delivering a 4 page newsletter full of activities for young people and families in the area. The newsletter and other projects are financed by Community First Oxfordshire which is looking to increase health and wellbeing in targeted areas in Oxfordshire. See The next newsletter will be out for Easter.

2 thoughts on “Good News for Caldecott: New Multi-Use Games Area & Community Newsletter

  1. Greg

    I hope someone is going to come back and sort out the mess they’ve made of the lane and entrance from Blacknall Road. It’s an absolute state

  2. Freddie Pratley

    Well done Town Council – looks really good 👍 . It is great to see the work done as it has been some time in the offing but worth the wait!


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