Toddlers help plant a brighter future

Last year, Tim sent some pictures of bulb planting by Appleford / Compton Drive residents. He says they went up a league last week and planted three trees on the verge for all the excellent reasons trees get planted. It was a multi-generational event with everyone from toddlers to dodderers joining in. Tim says they plan to continue to manage the space for the community and the environment by encouraging wildflowers and maintaining the grass for wildlife. They’ll mow paths through it that many children love to run through.

2 thoughts on “Toddlers help plant a brighter future

  1. Janet

    I don’t know about a brighter future. Abingdon sewage works have been discharging sewage into the Oday Hill ditch by Peep O Day Lane for two days now. The contamination path travels up river to Abingdon and down river. There is a likelihood of bacteria such as e-coli being present in the Thames at Abingdon. Large new estates have been built in North Abingdon with the sewage going to an old sewage works it is more than likely that the sewage works will not be able to cope.


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